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A singulus is a regalic artifact designed to 'fake' a singularity near a massive star - nominally at least 1.6 solar masses, but this varies depending upon age and composition, as well as the construction of the singulus itself. Forming a link actually takes a significant amount of time - around two Earth years in the case of the versions used to enact the Contact War and the Altairan collapse.

Although the concept behind them has not been forgotten or lost, only one such device remains, despite their potential usefulness. The original singulus used during the Contact war was modified and extended to link Sirius to A-star instead, making the Sirian system the cultural and political hub of the Milky Way.

Two other singulii were made by the First, and remained until the Diaspora. Humans dismantled the one linked to Altair in order to finish and upgrade the Tiamat, while the primii themselves recovered the one gifted to the Khavene in order to bolster their own hunt.

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