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One of the first skearns to form, during the Battle of Saturn, embedded in Saturn's rings. Initially thin and subtle, by the time of the Purge the dull red glow of its countless entrances had turned the rings orange.

Hemera could be entered on large enough rocks - seemingly an endless expanse of tiny worlds, sharing a common 'atmosphere', stretching endlessly in two dimensions and for a few kilometers from top to bottom. Bathed in perpetual daylight, with no apparent sun, it was given its name in reflection of such.

The skearn was partially morphic - nearby objects move and respond to the desires of sapient beings around them. Very little of its material is substantial outside of the skearn proper, merely fading as it would pass into the Universe.

Going 'down' - away from the light, as there is no gravity - eventually leads to Nyx.

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