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Earth's ring, officially named the Arthur C. Clarke Ring, is much larger than the Martian Ring. The ring itself, nearly eighty-five thousand kilometers in diameter and twenty kilometers thick, was completed in 2209. The spokes are massive, over twelve kilometers in diameter, and stretch out far into the space beyond, generating comments that Earth looks a bit like a navigator's wheel.

On their own, Earth's Foundation Arcologies are even greater marvels of engineering than the rings themselves. While the Martian Foundation Arcologies are little more than artificial mountains, Earth has few such luxeries. On top of the triple gravity, the Terran Foundations must move, even if extremely slowly, as continental drift will pull them out of their ordained position.

Regardless of the effort being spent, for the residents of Earth, there is no more blatent reminder of humanity's investment in space than the Great White Ring, visible over nearly the entirety of Earth at night and even during parts of the day.

After the ring was completed, mankind's investment in space exceeded that on Earth itself, and, with little effort, it could evacuate the entire Terrestrial population if need be. At this point, however, only an overwhelming alien attack would necessitate such a diaspora. Like the Martian Ring, the Terran Ring only boasts a double planetary screen. No attacks have yet been made on Earth as they have on Mars, however.

But humans like their security.

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