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Adjectives: Martian, Arean

The red planet isn't, anymore. It's terraforming was finished in the early 23rd century, and rehydration programs led water to cover over half of the planetary surface. Compared to Earth, it was rather sparsely populated, but even then, it held the majority of humanity not found on it's home until the diaspora, with over half a billion citizens at its peak.

Martian weather was notably milder than that of Terra. The greater distance from the Sun, lack of any major moon - and eventually any moon, as Phobos and Deimos were consumed - slower rotation and lesser radius all contributed to this. Few clouds formed, though until the hydration project covered the planet great dust storms still swept the once-red planet.

In these regards, it was considered to be quite a utopia before the Purge, though radiation was still a hazard for alpha strains. Plant life was most notably virile - certain breeds of redwood trees grew over a kilometer in height, and some were even molded into arcologies.

Martian gravity, being about a third of Earth's, turns running or even fast walking into leaping. Many arcologies made some rather interesting uses of this phenomenon, and various jumping contests, both motorized and not, were common. Those homo panaceas that live on Mars were, of course, often reminded to keep working out their legs during the day if they did not have access to gravitational assistance.

After the completion of the Martian Ring, the planet's focus was largely an outward one - maintaining its control on the Solar System, working on colonization projects for other star systems, and so on. Its grip over the fate of humanity was shattered in the Consortium-Prime War, beginning with the Jovian Massacre and ending with the Battle of Ouranos Prime.

As with the rest of the Solar System, Mars' fate after the Purge is unknown.

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