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The refugees of the Consortium's hunt manage to occupy a kuiper belt object for long enough that they begin turning it into a giant space station, tugging it towards Uranus's L1 Lagrange point and dubbing it Ouranos Prime.

The Solar Consortium immediately launches a fleet of some three hundred ships to eradicate the nascent station, but they never make it across Jupiter's orbit due to an event now called the Jovian Massacre. The refugees were able to build a fully operational tachyon transmitter in a matter of months, using only a fraction of the power previously thought necessary, due to inefficiencies which, prior to the introduction of the mobius patterns, must normally remain in the system.

The Consortium spins the Jovian Massacre into an unprovoked military demonstration, calling it an act of war. Despite this declaration, it is the last military fleet the Consortium sends past Jupiter's orbit for many years. Ouranos Prime begins transmitting, however, and its own version of events is understandably different.

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