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The Lunar and Martian tachyon transmitters go on-line a year after Ouranos Prime. The Martian station performs a test-fire on Ouranos Prime, to no detrimental effect, though the attempt was quite visible.

The system-wide internet accepts Ouranos Prime's signals, due to millions of volunteers on both Earth, Mars, and influence within the various megacorps, much to the chagrin of the Consortium leadership. Not only does Ouranos Prime get public acceptance, but also a massive array of sponsorships. Arena matches, previously done only in anticipation of a massed consortium assault, attract gigantic audiences on Earth, Luna and even Mars.

Almost as if in response, Consortium military recruiting and fleetbuilding begins in earnest, with the Jovian Massacre being the rallying cry, though many harbor a simple desire to see more of outer space. The Clarke ring projects take priority, however, and mass production of ships does not yet take full priority.

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