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'The' Diaspora usually refers to the great flight of humanity after the Battle of Sol. While mankind technically won that battle, and the Battle of Centaurus, there was no way they could stand against the combined might of forty elders bearing down upon them. With Adam's Ark captured and rechristened the Inanna, humanity was scattered far and wide, though the overwhelmingly vast majority remained in the Milky Way.

While humans had a lot of enemies during this period, the Holocene and the First were the only ones considered to be actual threats. The Triad, although it claimed the majority of the Galaxy, never managed to attain the level of technical capability that the others possessed.

The exact end of the Diaspora is somewhat hazy - most either place it at Mot's death at the hands of the Aetvari he tried to assassinate, or the First Hellnacht which erupted not long afterwards. In either case, the end was not abrupt or clearly defined on either side - even after the Second Hellnacht, humans continue to disperse and some primii continue to hunt them.

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