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It is not certain which experiment first released the mobius patterns into our Universe. It is known that several experiments are likely to blame, but most point the finger at either MEHRS or the Yevatron. All of these experiments involve the warping and ripping of space itself, causing the fabric of our Universe to move in ways it was never intended to, and, likely, to brush hairs with another. Regardless of what experiment unleashed them, and exactly when, it is known to have happened sometime in February of 2202.

By June, certain patterns, dubbed 'supersongs' by some, flee their containments to choose hosts among humanity, the resulting symbiosis calling themselves striatvari. Like the pyrrhans, the Solar Consortium begins hunting these individuals across the Solar System, and named bounties are common. With nowhere to flee to, they begin congregating in groups around Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and making stands there.

The first sustained tachyon transmission took place late this year, via MEHRS, proving that inflaton decay could be meaningfully controlled. While it only transmitted several bits of information, the advent of mobius patterns made many hopeful that a more efficient device could be created.

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