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The Crane Clan is, be far, the wealthiest clan in the entire Empire. Their seemingly endless coffers of koku are backed by their vast farmlands, and through them, Rokugan is fed. They hold the strings, and consider themselves to be the architects of Rokugan's culture. They favor peace over war, and among them only the Daidoji are seriously prepared for it.

The heimin of the Crane have a poor lot. Their purpose is to support their clan's nigh-monopoly on food, and ends there. The thought of using them in warfare - except as fodder for enemy arrows - is laughable. Crane heimin therefore tend to live short, unpleasant, and rather boring lives. Among the clans, only the Mantis and Unicorn rival their wealth - at least on an individual basis. The Crane coffers run deeper than both combined, however.

  • Clan Champion: Doji Satsume
  • Capital: Kyuden Doji
  • Colors: Sky Blue, White
  • Population: 8,400,000 (including 200,000+ Samurai)
  • Imports: Raw materials
  • Exports: Foodstuffs, fine goods


  • Asahina Family
    • Daimyo: Asahina Tamako
    • Motto: "Knowledge must be earned, not simply learned."
    • Bonus: +1 Willpower
    • Schools: Asahina Shugenja (3rd)
    • Paths: Asahina Sohei (TFW P. 15)
    • Vassals:
  • Daidoji Family
    • Daimyo: Daidoji Uji
    • Motto: "The spear waits not for its master, but rushes forth to guard the way."
    • Bonus: +1 Reflexes
    • Schools: Daidoji Harrier (3rd), Daidoji Yojimbo (TFW P. 151)
    • Paths: Daidoji Iron Warriors (TFW P. 15), Daidoji Heavy Regulars (School Update 1), Daidoji Trading Council (Merchants - School Update 1)
    • Vassals:
  • Doji Family
    • Daimyo: Doji Satsume (Soon to be followed by Doji Hoturi)
    • Motto: "Be more concerned with good actions than with great ones."
    • Bonus: +1 Intelligence
    • Schools: Doji Courtier (3rd), Doji Magistrate (TFW P. 152)
    • Paths: Empress' Guard (Guardians of the Empress - School Update 1)
    • Vassals:
  • Kakita Family
    • Daimyo: Kakita Yoshi
    • Bonus: +1 Agility
    • Motto: "For the coward, there is no life. For the hero, there is no death."
    • Schools: Kakita Artisan (School Update 1), Kakita Duelist ('Bushi' - 3rd)
    • Advanced: Kenshinzen (TFW P. 7)
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • The Yasuki family has no branch in the Crane Clan.

Relations with other Clans

  • Crab Clan - Uncouth brutes who only show up to beg for food, acting as if they have a right to it. If they'd learn to behave, they could at least be tolerated. As is, they are too close to the taint to deal with any more than is absolutely necessary. They have their duty, of course, and their loyalty to it is respected. But little else is.
    • The Crab and Crane have had numerous conflicts.
  • Dragon Clan - Shrouded in mystery and full of koans, most Crane simply ignore the Dragon and let them be. Isolationists by nature, they are members of Rokugani society but not entirely a part of it, from the Crane view. The Crane can hardly understand them, and, after the centuries, rarely make an attempt to.
    • The Crane and Dragon have had no actual conflicts, save for rising tensions near the end of the Gozoku period.
  • Lion Clan - Pigheaded fools who would be laughable but for the numbers at their disposal. Their ineptness at court only serves to cement their animosity. All they do is demand land and food, offering nothing in return but protection from their own useless armies.
    • The Lion have basically been in a state of extended war with the Crane - scarcely a decade passes without some conflict.
  • Mantis Clan - Wealthy thugs who are not so wealthy they can't be bought off with more coin. Their ambitions are above their station and rather grating.
    • No official major battles have occurred between the two largest seafaring powers. Accusations and action against piracy have brought some conflict, however.
  • Phoenix Clan - Fellow pacifists, where the Crane forge Rokugani culture, the Phoenix are the maintainers of tradition. The Crane get along with no other clan so well. Still, the particular brand of arrogance the Phoenix possess can be somewhat off-putting.
    • The Phoenix have had one major conflict with the Crane - which was merely Isawa Asahina going on a rampage throughout the Crane provinces. His repentance formed the Asahina family.
  • Scorpion Clan - The Crane's most cunning opponent. While the Crane have a hundred pretty tongues to speak into the Emperor's ear, the Scorpion have - and need - only two - Shoju and Kachiko. Still, the battleground of the courts almost always leaves the Emperor taking a Crane wife and appointing a Crane Emerald Champion.
    • The nominal battleground between the Crane and Scorpion is, of course, the courts. Battles between them are usually minor.
  • Unicorn Clan - Staunch allies who have brought much to the Empire. The only pity is their distance. Sure, they are still new and need to be educated, but they have much to offer, and the Crane are perfectly willing to provide whatever the Unicorn need in return.
    • There was a massing of armies when the Unicorn returned to Rokugan, but nothing came of it (obviously).
  • Ronin - Animals unworthy of respect. Nothing more needs to be said.

The Crane have a disdain for most minor clans, and outright despise the Dragonfly and Tortoise. They have a a longstanding friendship with the Fox, however, and the Wasp are considered a very useful buffer for the Scorpion.

Important Notes

Whole bunches of Bad Stuff has not yet happened to the Crane lands. This is true of most of the Empire, of course, but the Crane were hit hardest by the wars.

The Yasuki are firmly in the hands of the Crab, and have nothing to do with their Crane progenitors.

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