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The game will begin at the Topaz Championship in the 1118th year of Isawa's Calendar - the official start of the First Edition campaign. It will progress through each of the published adventures, and some of my own material, up through the Clan War.

Character Creation

Characters will be 'Gestalt' characters, after a fashion. That is, you select -two- schools (both within the your clan), instead of one, and you raise ranks in each as you gain the appropriate insight. Thus, you begin with both school's starting skills, both school's rank 1 techniques, gain their rank 2 techniques at 150 insight, and so on. Paths and advanced schools will need to be considered individually. You may not pick two schools of the same 'type', that is, two shugenja schools, two bushi schools, two monk schools, two courtier schools, two magistrate schools, two ninja schools, or two 'other' schools. You may otherwise mix and match freely - including bushi and shugenja.

  • Characters begin with a base of 60 character points.
  • Great Destiny is free.
  • If your school honor ranks are different, choose.
  • You get the trait bonus from both chosen schools.
  • A maximum of five character points worth of disadvantages may be taken.
  • Characters begin with three additional ranks that they may assign to any trait. No trait can be raised more than twice through this bonus and the bonuses granted by families and schools.
  • Characters begin with one additional skill rank of their choice (normally bringing the total to fifteen, including the seven from each school). These, along with their normal starting school ranks, may not raise a skill above 3.
  • Feel free to ask for additional or better equipment for starting.
  • Remember to check the House Rules section. Ancestors are allowed.
  • All equipment from both schools stacks (so you basically start with 20 items in your traveling pack, and sum your koku gained), except for identical weapons, such as katana, wakizashi, and tanto. Instead, replace such duplicates with 'Any weapon'.
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