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622: Seppun Hanako writes the Articles of Heaven

Having endured the brutal reign of Hantei XVI during her youth, Hanako eagerly assists the young and inexperienced Hantei XVII with his rule of the Empire. Hoping to curb baser tendencies of Rokugani society, she pens the Articles of Heaven, a set of legal reforms that touches on every aspect of the Empire's legal system, Hantei XVII enacts the Articles of Heaven, resulting in a new foundation for lay in Rokugan. Among the tenets of the Articles are sections that regulate the use of torture, increase the quality of life for the heimin class, and place strict requirements on the treatment of prisoners and hostages.

634: The Kusatte Iru is defeated

Fearing that none other could possibly defeat the dreaded creature, Kuni Harike sets out to end the threat of the Kusatte Iru, perhaps the largest and most powerful oni ever spawned by the Shadowlands. Armed with his magic and a dark and sinister artifact, Harike sets out accompanied only by his friend and yojimbo, Kuni Ryute. Although Ryute is slain and Harike's soul irrevocably corrupted, the foul beast is placed in a deep slumber from which it may never awaken, ending the threat is poses to the Empire. Harike preserves his friend by encasing him in crystal, which unbeknownst to him prevents Ryute's spirit from entering the afterlife. Perishing after the twin feats of preserving his friend and defeating the oni, Harike's remains are eventually retrieved by monks who establish a temple in the shugenja's memory.

671: Yasuki Fumoki lost at sea

One of the most prolific pirates of his age, Yasuki Fumoki was responsible for raiding innumerable Crane trade vessels, sending their wealth to the coffers of the Crab clan. In 671, his command ship is attacked by a gigantic sea serpent. Survivors report to the Crab daimyo that Fumoki was last seen burying his blade in the beast's gullet.
After Fumoki's death, Crab Champion Hida Tsuneko dispatches scouts to seek out the survivors of the pirate's rumored Nezumi crew. These Nezumi are offered positions in the Crab navy, as their great agility, adaptability, and cunning make them excellent sailors.

675: The first Tournament of Thunder is held

The Order of Thunder, followers of Osano-Wo, hold their first great tournament on the Plain of Thunder near the vast Shinomen Mori. The monks there invite great warriors from all across the Empire in an attempt to find a mortal worthy of receiving the Thunderer’s blessing. Over a hundred competitors enter the first tournament, representing all Great Clans and most major sects of Shinseism. A monk follower of Bishamon emerges victorious and receives the blessing of both Fortunes. The monk takes the name Kobo, after a legendary monk from early in the Empire’s history. The Tournament of Thunder is not held again until Kobo’s death many years later.

689: Otoma Madoko writes The Subtlety of Court

A powerful force in court and a student of the book of Sun Tao by the renowned ronin general, courtier Otomo Madoko is dared by a Lion diplomat to compare Sun Tao's tactics to court politics. Recognizing parallels between a bushi on the battlefield and a courtier in the midst of court, Madoko pens The Subtlety of Court, an examination of the battlefield -- the courts of Rokugan.
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