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  • Champion: Hantei XXXVIII (Previously Hantei Jodan)
  • Capital: Otasan Uchi
  • Colors: Emerald Green or Gold (one color usually dominates entirely. Gold for the Otomo typically and green for the other families)
  • Population: 1,200,000 (including ~10,000+ Samurai) (Mostly peasants in the Emerald Champion Plain)
  • Imports: Most everything
  • Exports: Exotic goods


  • Hantei Family
    • Daimyo: The Hantei
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Void or whatever the GM feels is appropriate
    • Schools: None (Usually study in the Kakita Duelist academy)

The Emerald Magistrate school can be found in School Update 4. Jade Magistrates have not existed for some time, the position having been removed by the machinations of the Phoenix.

  • Miya Family
    • Daimyo: Miya Yoto
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Awareness
    • Schools: Miya Herald (Shisha - 3rd),
    • Advanced:
    • Paths: Emperor's Blessing (TFW P. 20)
    • Vassals:
  • Otomo Family
    • Daimyo: Otomo Sorai
    • Motto: "In difficulty lies opportunity."
    • Bonus: +1 Intelligence
    • Schools: Otomo Courtier (Seiyaku - 3rd),
    • Advanced:
    • Paths: Otomo Infiltrators (School Update 4)
    • Vassals:
  • Seppun Family
    • Daimyo: Seppun Daiori
    • Motto: "Follow the Emperor, and follow the Tao. In one, you will find the other."
    • Bonus: +1 Perception
    • Schools: Seppun Guardsman (Miharu - 3rd), Seppun Shugenja (3rd)
    • Advanced:
    • Paths: Seppun Magistrate (Investigator - TFW P. 20)
    • Vassals:

Relations with the Clans

Crab Clan - The Crab's increasing protests regarding the health of the Hantei line are rather distressing. While they maintain some veneer of respect for the current Hantei, their opinion of Satorii is less than stellar. At the same time, the Imperial families have little recourse against the Crab, as they are well aware of the clan's duty.

Crane Clan - Ever the favored of the court, many among the Imperial families are closely related to one or more Crane benefactors, binding them fairly tightly to all families.

Dragon Clan - Isolated and aloof, most of the Imperial families don't concern themselves with the Dragon. They make few requests, and stir little trouble.

Lion Clan - To the Otomo, the Lions are tools to keep the rest of the Clans in line. To the Miya, the Lion are a constant source of headaches, always a threat to the Emperor's peace.

Mantis Clan - The Imperial families are not overly trusting of the Mantis, as they have long memories. The treachery of Gusai has shown their reliability, in many eyes, and few would care to see their power increased.

Phoenix Clan - The Otomo are rarely, if ever on good terms with the Phoenix, who are not blind to the family's manipulations. The Miya are staunch allies of the clan, however, and the Seppun shugenja school is located within Isawa lands.

Scorpion Clan - Much like the Phoenix, the Scorpion are not fools, and frequently find themselves more at odds with the Otomo than otherwise. The Seppun do not doubt Scorpion loyalty, however, and the Miya have no issues with them.

Unicorn Clan - For the most part, the Seppun and Otomo don't concern themselves with the Otomo, though the Miya have closer relations.

Ronin - A ronin can count themselves blessed if they are granted entrance into Otasan Uchi. For the vast majority of Imperials, the ronin are scum and beneath notice.

Minor Clans - Most Imperials don't concern themselves with people who are little better than ronin. Only the Fox clan has any measure of serious respect at the courts, a somewhat tenuous position at best.

Important Notes

The Emerald Empire is still ruled by the Hantei family, and there is no Toturi family. The current Hantei is the 38th, who was Hantei Jodan before his coronation in 1103. His father was Hantei Yatoshin before his coronation, and his only living son is known as Hantei Sotorii, a young child born in 1107.

Otomo Yoroshiku is currently believed to be the Emperor's niece. She is the daughter of the late Otomo Jiko, and as far as the most of the Empire is aware, the 38th Hantei's late brother. She and Hantei Satorii are the only eligible, directly related members of the Imperial line.

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