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The spiritual masters of the Empire, the Phoenix Clan is known for its magic. The very land itself has a mystical trait to it, and has been known to aid its defenders and hinder its attackers. Snow will let the Phoenix pass unmolested while it slows every step of their attacker, the forests mislead and the mud is selective.

Numerically, the Phoenix are the smallest of the great clans. What they lack in numbers, however, they make up for in magical and personal might. Still, they are a clan divided, and even the Scorpion reel at the interfamilial maneuvering that occurs within the clan. They form a unified face when presented with an outside threat, however, and many who seek to drive this wedge deeper learn a painful lesson.

  • Clan Champion: Shiba Ujimitsu
  • Capital: Kyuden Isawa
  • Colors: Orange, Red and Yellow
  • Population: 1,900,000 (including 100,000+ Samurai)
  • Imports: Exotic Goods
  • Exports: Silver, Lumber, Food


  • Asako Family
    • Daimyo: Asako Kagetsu
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Perception
    • Schools: Asoko Courtier (3rd), Asoko Henshin (3rd), Asoko Shugenja (Mentioned - no rules)
    • Paths: Asoko Inquisitor (TFW P. 18)
    • Vassals:
  • Isawa Family
    • Master of Air: Isawa Eju (Isawa Uona is his apprentice)
    • Master of Earth: Isawa Rujo (Soon challenged and overtaken by Isawa Tadaka)
    • Master of Fire: Isawa Tsuke (Nominal leader of the council)
    • Master of Water: Isawa Kaiyoko (Isawa Tomo succeeds her shortly)
    • Master of Void: Isawa Ujina (Isawa Kaede takes over when he becomes 'the' Nameless One)
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Awareness
    • Schools: Isawa Shugenja (3rd - there is a separate school for each element), Isawa Tensai (TFW P. 171 - See also house rules for them and Ishiken)
    • Advanced: Elemental Guard (School Update 2 or see House Rules (plus Void Guard))
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • Sesai Family
    • Daimyo: None / Unknown
    • Motto: (None?)
    • Bonus: +1 Agility
    • Schools: (None?)
    • Paths: (None?)
    • Vassals: None (Secret family)
  • Shiba Family
    • Daimyo: Shiba Ujimitsu
    • Motto: "Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."
    • Bonus: +1 Intelligence
    • Schools: Shiba Bushi (3rd), Shiba Yojimbo (TFW P. 171), Shiba Illusionist (Tejina - School Update 2)
    • Advanced: Brotherhood of Heaven's Wing (School Update 2)
    • Paths: Defenders of Uikku (TFW P. 18), Order of Chikai (TFW P. 172), Shiba Artisans (School Update 2), Shiba Elite Guard (School Update 2)
    • Vassals:

Relations with other Clans

  • Crab Clan - Uncultured, harsh, and brutish, and not to be blamed for it. They perform their duty with resolve and honor, and the Phoenix are happy to assist them when necessary.
    • The Phoenix and Crab had a small conflict many centuries ago. It is largely forgotten.
  • Crane Clan - Sisters in peace. Few clans present such a unified face in the courts.
    • Isawa Asahina's rampage across the Crane lands is the only notable incident of violence between the two clans.
  • Dragon Clan - Fellow seekers of enlightenment. The paths vary, but that can only benefit both.
    • The Dragon and the Phoenix have had one conflict, the Battle of the Sun Princess.
  • Lion Clan - Arrogant, prideful, only accepting of physical strength and never recognizing the value of others.
    • The Lion are the only clan the Phoenix have made repeated wars with.
  • Mantis Clan - Ambitious and proud, but their honor is questionable.
    • Aside from the initial conflict that saw to the founding of the Mantis, the Phoenix have only had minor naval skirmishes with them.
  • Scorpion Clan - Bayushi and Shiba were twins, and so are their clans. The difference, largely, is which world's secrets they chose to master.
    • Naturally, distance precludes most open conflict between the two. Most conflict occurs of a different sort.
  • Unicorn Clan - Noble and honorable, but still naive to many of Rokugan's ways.
    • Aside from the first conflict upon the Unicorn's return, the clans have not fought.
  • Ronin - Sad, but still samurai. Those who are willing to conduct themselves with honor are welcome and worthy of respect.

The Phoenix are respectful - if a bit haughty - towards all minor clans. In particular, their strength is available to the Centipede Clan, Dragonfly Clan, and Tortoise Clan should they require it.

Important Notes

The Agasha family is still with the Dragon, and not a part of the Phoenix. The clans have never been at war, and the very idea is unthinkable.

The Phoenix are not considered to be the Voice of the Emperor. They still hold significant sway at court, of course.

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