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101: Death of Togashi

Lady Doji visits Dragon lands in order to speak with the last of her surviving siblings. She is turned away at the gates with news of Togashi's death. Deep inside Togashi Mountain, the Kami allows Rokugan to believe him dead. He allows his mortal body to pass away and inhabits the first tamashii - an enlightened ise zumi prepared to carry Togashi's soul.

102: Disappearance of Doji

Lady Doji is wracked with depression after watching the fickle mortal world shift and change, as she remains constant. As she has never been close to her sole remaining sibling, Hida, Doji begins to feel very alone. With that, Lady Doji imparts her final wisdom to her son Nio and walks into the sea, never to be seen again.

110: Creation of the Badger Clan

The Badger Clan, one of the smallest of Rokugan's Minor Clans, is founded to guard the northern passes of the Empire.

145: Book of Sun Tao written

The famous ronin general Sun Tao is said to have completed his great treatise on warfare during this time. Sun Tao distributes credit for his knowledge among all of the clans, and gives a copy to each of the clan daimyo before vanishing into the Burning Sands seeking the clan of the Ki-Rin. The book is compared to Akodo's treatise Leadership, and many value the work as much as the Lion Kami's own writing. The Lion Clan has mixed reactions to the popularity of the book at first, but quickly master the ideas presented within it and start placing it in positions of honor next to Leadership. The missing original copies of his manuscript are among the most greatly prized treasures in Rokugan.

152: The City of Sorcerers

The Ki-Rin, having left the Ujik-hai lands, encounter a city of sorcerers to the west. These sorcerers wield powerful evil magic, and attack the Unicorn scouts savagely. The aged Iuchi is badly wounded, but steals one of their "books" and carefully learns the secrets contained within. He teaches this magic to a handful of his students, giving birth to the secret practice of Meishodo. The dark sorcerers are the precursors to the Qabal.

153: Shinjo at the Oasis of Spirits

After leaving the City of Sorcerers, Shinjo discovers a strange shimmering oasis in the desert. Shinjo enters the oasis while Otaku Shiko stands guard. Shiko eventually falls asleep, and when she awakens the oasis and Shinjo are gone.
Shinjo returns after a week, showing all the signs of a woman months pregnant. She explains to her closest advisors that the oasis was a passage to the Spirit Realms, but she will not divulge where she has been nor who the father of her child is. Months later, she gives birth to five children, all possessing the ability to change their shape, though their favorite forms are those of a human and a strange, one-horned beast called a "unicorn." As the children grow, they eventually lose the golden glow of the Spirit Realms and their ability to change their shape. Four choose to remain steeds, and one remains human. Thus the blood of Shinjo founds not only the Shinjo family, but a bloodline of powerful steeds to deliver her vassals into battle.

153: Emerald Magistrate and Emerald Legions founded

Experienced military officer Doji Hatsu and skilled Courtier Soshi Saibankan begin to draft methods by which quality soldiers could be conscripted and magistrates could enforce the law of the Empire. Hatsu and Saibankan soon devise the framework for the Imperial Legions and the Emerald Magistrates, respectively. The new system guarantees that the Emperor's conscripts and magistrates will work closely, with powers that compliment one another without being excessive. The system persists without radical change to this day.

200: First Mention of the Naga

A Crab named Kaiu Sudaro loses his son in the Shinomen forest. The Mara, a creature with a great snake tail and a human body, rescues the boy. By all accounts, this is the first notation in the Empire of the Naga, who soon become deeply integrated into Rokugani myth and legend.
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