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Often regarded as the most enlightened and mystical of the clans, the Dragon Clan resides high in the mountains to the North, living, mostly, in secluded isolation. Their farmers work on the fields in Dragon Heart Plain, and have exceptionally close relations with the Phoenix Clan, having only come remotely near conflict during the end of the Gozoku period.

  • Clan Champion: Togashi Yokuni
  • Capital: Shiro Mirumoto
  • Colors: Emerald Green, Yellow
  • Population: 2,100,000 (including 200,000+ Samurai)
  • Imports: Fine goods, food
  • Exports: Gold, minerals


  • Agasha Family
    • Daimyo: Agasha Tamori
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Intelligence
    • Schools: Agasha Shugenja School Update 2
    • Advanced: Spirit Binder (School Update 1}, Student of the Tao - Shugenja (TFW P. 8, Available to all)
    • Paths: Agasha Alchemist (Ikakeya) School Update 2
    • Vassals:
  • Kitsuki Family
    • Daimyo: Kitsuki Yasu
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Perception
    • Schools: Kitsuki Investigator School Update 1, Kitsuki Courtier (Magistrate)
    • Advanced: Jotomon's Shinrai (School Update 1 - Available to all)
    • Paths: Kitsuki Justicar (TFW P. 16)
    • Vassals:
  • Mirumoto Family
    • Daimyo: Mirumoto Hitomi
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Agility
    • Schools: Mirumoto Bushi (3rd), Mirumoto Swordmaster (TFW P. 156)
    • Advanced: Student of the Tao - Bushi (TFW P. 8, Available to all)
    • Paths: Dragon's Flame (School Update 1), Mirumoto Elite Guard (School Update 1)
    • Vassals:
  • Togashi Family
    • Daimyo: Togashi Yokuni
    • Motto:
    • Bonus: +1 Reflexes
    • Schools: Ise Zumi (3rd - Togashi only)
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • There is no Tamori family

Relations with other Clans

  • Crab Clan - They hide in their shell, forgetting that they have pincers.
    • The Crab and Dragon have had no conflicts.
  • Crane Clan - They rely on the weakness of others, and forget their own strengths.
    • The Dragon have had no conflicts with the Crane.
  • Lion Clan - Kept sedated, they pose no threat, but also are slow to come to your aid.
    • The Lion have had numerous conflicts with the Dragon. These have rarely ended in the Lion's favor.
  • Mantis Clan - Humble beginnings have give rise to great men. However, their ambition blinds them to purpose.
    • The Mantis have not had any conflicts with any landlocked clan.
  • Phoenix Clan - Brothers reborn in the fires of knowledge. The goals are the same, but the paths differ. Sometimes, though, we may meet, regain our bearings, and occasionally decide to switch paths.
    • The Phoenix had a single, very minor border skirmish with the Dragon during the Gozoku period. The Dragon lost.
  • Scorpion Clan - The wise remember that the Scorpion is vulnerable to its own sting.
    • The Scorpion have had a surprising number of conflicts with the Dragon. These tend not to go in the Scorpion's favor.
  • Unicorn Clan - Fortune is a fickle mistress. Pray that they have found yet more strengths when her favor runs thin.
    • The Unicorn and Dragon have had no conflicts.
  • Ronin - Ronin's pleas often fall on deaf ears. Many deserved their fate, and their whining while heimin suffer a worse lot is annoying. Still, they have a right to prove their worth, and their deaths are mournworthy.

The Dragon are approving of most minor clans, and the Dragonfly clan actively serves as their emissaries, which galls everyone but the Phoenix to no end.

Important Notes

Togashi is still alive, and none outside the Scorpion and possibly the Phoenix Champion are aware of his true nature, Togashi Hoshi is largely unknown, and mostly confused with the Naga and related myths.

The Agasha family is still with the Dragon, and the Tamori family has not formed, and thus its schools don't exist, either. The School Update version of their school is still appropriate.

There is only one order of Ise Zumi - Togashi's. Kokujin and Mitsu are only first exposed to Togashi's ritual in 1118, and Hitomi has a long way to go before she gets the obsidian hand, much less gets consumed by it.

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