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The Unicorn returned to the Empire a 'mere' two centuries prior, and their reintegration into Rokugan's social order is far from complete. They are often considered brash and uncultured, though many appreciate the new goods they returned to Rokugan, and respect their mastery of horsemanship and new tactics that they returned to the Empire with. They maintain trade with the barbarians to the North and West, netting them wealth second only to that of the Crane clan.

  • Clan Champion: Shinjo Yokatsu (Master of the Four Winds)
  • Capital: Kyuden Shinjo
  • Colors: Purple, White
  • Population: 4,300,000 (including 300,000+ samurai)
  • Imports: Finished Goods
  • Exports: Exotic Goods, Horses


  • Horiuchi Family
    • Daimyo: Horiuchi Shoan (currently, sole member)
    • Bonus: +1 Willpower
  • Ide Family
    • Daimyo: ? (Eventually Ide Tadaji)
    • Motto: "Violence is the language of defeat, swords the tongues of the lost."
    • Bonus: +1 Perception
    • Schools: Ide Emissary (3rd)
    • Advanced:
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • Iuchi Family
    • Daimyo: Iuchi Daiyu
    • Motto: "Power is what you think it is."
    • Bonus: +1 Awareness
    • Schools: Iuchi Shugenja (3rd)
    • Advanced:
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • Moto Family
    • Daimyo: Moto Terumori
    • Motto: "Never."
    • Bonus: +1 Stamina
    • Schools: Moto Bushi (Pre-Hidden Emperor version found here: School Update 3 not the 3e version!)
    • Advanced: Moto White Guard (Not 'Unicorn' - TFW P. 12)
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • Otaku Family
    • Daimyo: Otaku Kamoko
    • Motto: None, or "Purity is my passion."
    • Bonus: +1 Agility
    • Schools: Otaku Battle Maiden (3rd), Otaku Infantry (School Update 3)
    • Advanced:
    • Paths:
    • Vassals:
  • Shinjo Family
    • Daimyo: Shinjo Yokatsu
    • Motto: "We are the people of the wind."
    • Bonus: +1 Reflexes
    • Schools: Shinjo Bushi (TFW P. 179), Shinjo Scout (TFW P. 179), Shinjo Magistrate (School Update 3)
    • Advanced: Unicorn Magistrate (School Update 3)
    • Paths: Master of the Winds (TFW P. 19), Shinjo Elite Guard (School Update 3), Master Horse Archer (School Update 3)
    • Vassals:

Relations with other Clans

Crab Clan - Staunch and trustworthy allies. A bit dour, but who can blame them?

Crane Clan - Very helpful... but their attitude tends towards the off putting and puts many a Unicorn ill at ease.

Dragon Clan - A silent neighbor is better than a hostile neighbor. Their inaction is their undoing, however.

Lion Clan - Often, a Unicorn wonders just what he has done to aggravate the Lion. Most continue like this until they converse with another of the Lion's neighbors, and realize they aren't that much worse off.

Mantis Clan - Few Unicorn have met with the Mantis, and fewer still are aware of their links with other gaijin nations. Regardless, most have a hearty respect for them.

Phoenix Clan - Helpful but patronizing, kind but arrogant, the Ki-Rin tend to have mixed views about the spiritual masters of of the Empire. As allies, they are more than welcome... As friends, however...

Scorpion Clan - Nothing but treachery at every turn. Still, at least one knows what to expect.

Ronin - Unfortunate souls to be so maligned. Still, there is often a reason for their station.

The Unicorn don't concern themselves much with the minor clans, except for the Fox Clan, with whom they are continually trying to reunite.

Important Notes

Horiuchi Shoan is the only member of her family. The Moto still suffer their curse, and no one outside their own family wants anything to do with them. The Otaku are still named the Otaku, and the Shinjo are still the leading family of their Clan. No one knows anything about the Kolat.

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