L5R Tenth Century

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912: The first shugenja wins the Tournament of Thunder

A shugenja emerges victorious in the Tournament of Thunder, practicing a previously unknown mystical art that none else at the tournament recognize. The shugenja adopts the name Koan and sets out into Rokugan to hone his art.

925: Naga ruins are Discovered

Shinjo Fujimaka and Ikoma Gohesu, while mapping the outer reaches of the Shinomen Mori on behalf of the Imperial Cartographers, discover ruins believed to have once been a great Naga city. Although ruins had previously been discovered west of the Unicorn lands and near the Plains above Evil, this is the first indication of a major Naga settlement near the Shinomen Mori.

960: The Night of Falling Stars

After a three-week siege of Shiro no Yogin, the Akodo legions seem destined to capture not only the castle, but the Daidoji troops that occupy it. Preferring to risk death rather than surrender, every man, woman, and child occupying Shiro no Yogin leaps from the castle walls to the raging river below. Their torches trace their path resembling a night of falling stars.
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