L5R Eleventh Century

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1004: The Pure Land sect is formed

Formed at the ninety-sixth Great Convocation, the Pure Land sect teaches that Shinsei is a Fortune, ascending into the heavens upon his death. Though most monks and samurai consider this strange, it gains a great deal of popularity amongst the peasentry.

1078: Hantei Jodan is born

The infant Hantei Jodan is born to Hantei XXXVII, formerly Hantei Yatoshin. In his youth, Jodan proves to be an exceptional student of the court - a wise, compassionate man. His rule is expected to be long and prosperous.

1090: The Battle of Kyuden Kitsune

Each attempting to expand their holdings, the Hare and the Fox Clans begin a series of border skirmishes that threaten to explode into full-blown war. An attempt at mediation by the Crane results in a temporary truce unfortunately rendered null by the unforeseen assassination of many Fox dignitaries. Although the Hare deny involvement, the Fox immediately attack, supported by the Crane. The Fox are victorious, but their daimyo blames the Crane and challenges their emissary, Kakita Toshimoko, to a duel. Toshimoko wins easily. The Emperor decrees that Crane "advisers" will assist both Minor Clans in important diplomatic decisions henceforth.
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