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Sirius is the brightest and most massive star in the immediate region of the hellskearn. Originally 8.6 light-years from Sol, it was the target of the Dyrajt singulus that was used to initiate the Contact War. It was then the site of the Sirian collapse during the Solarian Purge.

The singulus was left in place at the behest of the Procyon Concord, and has remained in the system since - the First not bothering to recover it during the Diaspora. It was eventually linked to A-star, and is widely considered to be the most important star system in the Milky Way, due to being directly linked to the 'capitals' of humanity, the renlai, and the Procyon Concord. This proximity is due to not so much to nostalgia as it is to serve as a locus for studying the Hellskearn and preparing for the Third Hellnacht.

Stargates lead to Alpha Centauri, Procyon, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti, and Keid. It possesses one of the dreadskearns.

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