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For each category, you may roll or choose one, as appropriate. You may select up to three, in total.

Great Battles

Just because a clan was not present in a battle, does not mean that other clans do not have descendants of the participants.

  1. The Day of Thunder: All Clans. Those who can reliably trace their ancestry back to the time of the Day of Thunder are rare indeed. Gain 4 points of status, and two ranks of Lore: History.
  2. The Crab-Crane War: Crab, Crane. Another ancient war, the thoroughness in which it consumed these two clans is matched only by its overall impact on the Empire. Gain two ranks in Commerce, and 5 koku.
  3. Founding of the Asahina: Crane, Scorpion, Lion, and Phoenix. This sordid affair saw the attempted extermination of the Phoenix. Gain a rank each in Courtier and Meditation, and any free emphasis for the Courtier ability.
  4. Battle of White Stag: All but Unicorn. The only time the Clans have faced an outside force besides the Shadowlands, their strange tactics and weaponry required the full might of the Empire to stamp them out of the Imperial City. Gain a piece of gaijin gear.
  5. Battle of Stolen Graves: All but Unicorn. This fierce battle defined most of Rokugan's customs regarding the dead. Gain three points of honor and a rank each in Lore: Bloodspeakers and Lore: Law.
  6. The Dragonfly Clan: Dragon, Phoenix, Lion, Dragonfly. The founding of the Dragonfly Clan and the ensuing battle of the Great Climb has stood as a crowning example of the unspoken alliance between Dragon and Phoenix, and also for the complex means by which it formed. Gain one rank in courtier. In addition, gain a 2 point ally (Dragonfly or Lion).
  7. Battle of the Cresting Wave: All but Unicorn. From the attacks that triggered the Battle of the Tidal Landbridge to this final, epic battle, this conflict eventually drew in all six Clans. Gain a finger of jade or a jade arrowhead, and two ranks of Shadowlands Lore.
  8. Battle of the Sleeping River: All but Unicorn. Iuchiban's return was no simple affair, and neither was his imprisonment. Gain two ranks in Lore: Bloodspeakers, and two points of status.
  9. The Unicorn Return: All Clans. They received both opposition and support from nearly everyone in the Empire. Gain a rank each in horsemanship and courtier.
  10. The Moto Ride and the Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals: Crab, Scorpion, Unicorn. The fate of the Moto family and the entire Unicorn clan hanged in the balance. Gain a rank in defense, lore: Shadowlands, and a jade finger or jade arrowhead.
  11. Battle of the Broken Daisho: Crane, Lion, Phoenix. The Phoenix stopped this battle without making a move. Gain a rank of Battle and Iaijutsu, and 3 points of honor.

Mixed Blessings

  1. Family Heirloom: You have been handed down a minor nemuranai, an item whose soul has awakened. You have no idea what it does or what its potential is, but you are expected to carry it with you at all times.
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